Junior Golf Clinics



The Bridges Junior Golf Academy is a golf clinic intended for youth golfers to learn the fundamentals of golf and prepare them to participate on the golf course. The most important aspect of this program is to enable each student to achieve his/her personal best through four primary instructional areas: Rules of Golf, Swing Fundamentals, Course Management, and Personal Confidence & Advancement. We will focus on all aspects of the golf course introducing them to putting, chipping, iron play, and driving aspects of the game. There will be fun events and contests on instruction days for kids to participate. Kids will also get the opportunity to take their knowledge and skills to the course. Kids participating are welcome to bring their own clubs or clubs will be provided.

Tuesday/Thursday Sessions Class will meet two times per week for 8 weeks beginning June 20th. No class on July 4th, 6th, & 11th. Last day of class will be August 17th. We would like to try and keep the younger age group in the first session and the older age group in the second session, but adjustments can be made because of schedule conflicts and other activities. If the issue arises of overfilling the sessions, we will try to accommodate adding another session.

Ages 5-9 Session:                                                             Ages 10-17 Session: FULL

9:00 am -10:00 am                                                            10:30 am -12:00 pm

Cost: $20.00                                                                        Cost: $30.00

Tee times will be made for course time to allow kids to have a fun time playing on their own. Volunteer supervisors will be available for groups that need it.

Please stop by or call The Bridges Golf Shop if you wish to sign up your children. (507) 452-3535